The Glasgow Rangers are a very old football club, founded way back in 1872 and the play in the Scottish Premiership, which is the first tier of the Scottish Professional Football League. This team has had its ups and downs and for a fan, waiting for the next match, playing some online, free Quickspin slots, wondering about their odds in the current year and league has to be a recurring thought.

Taking a look at their odds could give us an insight into their future performance and what is expected of them, but first, a little history is in order.

Rangers FC History:

The team was founded in 1872 and they donned their light blue clothes for the first time in that same year. Their most notable achievements apart from winning many Scottish Premiership, League and Glasgow cups were the “9 in a row”, from 1988-89 to 1996-97, they won a league title and hosting the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972, by beating FC Dynamo Moscow.

Their recent history, however, hasn’t been in their favor. Even though they hold the record for most Scottish Premiership titles won, 54, they haven’t won a title since 2010-11. Every title since that year has gone to their rivals in most titles won, Celtic FC, sitting at 48 titles, currently.

What about their future, what do the odds say?

Rangers FC Future as Predicted by the Betting Odds:

If you look at the online betting services, the odds for the Rangers will vary. Most of them, however, agree on one thing, and that is that the Rangers have a pretty bad chance of winning a match. Depending on the site and system they use, they have an 11/2 chance of winning the upcoming match on the 29thof April, which translate to a decimal of 5.50. Other sites put their chances of winning against Celtic, their opponent for that match, at anywhere between 5.40 and 6.50, compared to the Celtics’ odds of 1.43 to 1.51.

If you can gather anything from the data of the betting sites, it is that the Rangers’ future isn’t really as bright as they would it. Whether by having such a vibrant and interesting team history or by the sheer will and practice of their players, it is possible to show the world that the odds mean nothing, as many other teams have done in the past.

Odds Versus Faith

Even though things might not be looking up from a betting perspective, odds definitely mean nothing to the true Rangers fans, ones who will bet their money regardless of the stakes and what the bookmakers think. Such a fan will definitely have a reason to celebrate if their favorites win, and that reason will have more to do with their faith in the team they cherish, rather than the financial gain.

It is worth noting that quite a financial gain is possible with the odds being pretty much against the Rangers, so the faithful can definitely be rewarded, in more ways than one.

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