Have you ever felt chuffed right after turning on the telly because your favorite team was playing? Me too. Few things in life are as popular as football: lounging around, playing games, using the Paddy Power promo code 2019, having a pint with your mates, or maybe all of the above while you are watching people destroy each other on the pitch.

What is the reason for football’s unfailing popularity? There are many other international sports, so why do we come back to footy time and time again?

Anyone Can Play It

It’s true! Well, not professionally, but football is one of those sports that allows you and your mates to play almost anywhere. All you need is the ball. Try to remember how many times you played it with friends when you were little. Goal posts could be represented by anything – from two trees standing close together to two jackets, or rocks, you would put on the ground. The number of players was also not terribly important when we were kids.

On the other hand, it is fairly easy to start your own amateur football team. Grab your coworkers, neighbours, or anyone you know would be into it and play away in amateur leagues!

Team Spirit

There is a sense of being part of something greater than yourself. You don’t even have to play to be a part of a team. Wear the colours of your favorite team, pick the players you know will be there until the end of time, celebrate victories and comfort each other in losses. This is what the team spirit is all about. Football connects people, and it is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and infuriating hobbies. I say infuriating because when you see the referee fumbling a call, you start seeing red. But it’s all in good fun.


It doesn’t matter whether you watch it or play it – football is not an expensive sport (unless you’re playing in the big leagues). Unlike tennis, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment all the time, and most of the matches are played during reasonable hours. You need a simple kit and a ball.

If you’re watching football, you’re in luck. You don’t need to browse online for matches. Your local paper and television will inform you of when some of the more important matches take place. And if you want to watch it live, seeing Mancs in their home territory, for example, costs up to £31.


Tennis can last for hours. Basketball has four quarters of 12 minutes each, but it actually lasts much longer – about two and a half hours. Don’t even get me started on cricket. With footy, you know where you stand. Two halves of 45 minutes each, with a little bit of overtime as needed, and Bob’s your uncle.

Furthermore, it doesn’t usually drag on. Unless the teams are stalling for time, you are likely to see some serious legwork and action on the pitch, which is more than I can say for some other sports.

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