If you’re obsessed with football, like I am, there is absolutely nothing related to it that you want to overlook, which is the reason my wife made me clean out the garage from all of the football memorabilia I’d collected.

My mate Dave kept me company one day, while I was using my Betchain bonus code 2018 on my mobile to get a few free spins while playing the slots, and he asked whether it was worth getting invested in, as well as hot to do it. So, for Dave and everyone else, here are a few tips regarding football slots.

Is It Different from Regular Slots?

The answer is both yes and no. You see, every game with slots follows the similar principle. The key is in luck and timing. The reels turn, and you want to match symbols in lines and columns, often diagonally as well. This makes you win money, credit, or simply points, depending on the game that you play. You can choose your betting options.

Now, here’s the thing. Every football slot is football-themed, but the symbols they use differ, along with free games you may encounter. For example, Football Carnival has a special football with the colors of Brazil that increases your score multiplier, with beautiful animation following this feature. It also boasts an Auto Play option, so you can relax and let the game play itself!

Compared to Computer Games

If you want to trade players, get in on the action, yell at a non-existent ref for giving the opposing team the penalty kick it clearly did nothing to deserve, then football slots might not be your thing. However, let’s make one thing clear – technically speaking, online slots are computer games. The slots possess many of the elements that make us enjoy games more.

There are the bright visuals and interesting audio, designed to make your playing experience more enjoyable. Whether it is something you can turn into money, or simply a new hat your RPG character can wear, is not the issue. It is the excitement they bring.

That being said, computer games usually require much more commitment. You can’t follow a story if you play your game once a month for twenty minutes, as many try to. With the daily obligations, it’s not always possible to do that.

Is It Worth My Time?

Honestly, that depends on the person. Some people are in it for the money. Others just like to play and watch the numbers grow. It is also a great way to kill a few minutes while waiting for the bus. So, if you are short on time, and are a big football fan, you may want to give it a go.

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